Samuel Gregory

Brand Strategist

Brand strategy is a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific goals.

At Jupiter and the Giraffe I am a brand strategist, working with businesses to help strategise their creative output and align with their business goals and In particular their branding.

Why Brand Strategy?

Having a brand or designing something is frivalous and wasted money if you don’t have a strategy to go along with it. I always want to know the why when it comes to branding and those “why’s” need to align with business goals. The thing that drew me into doing brand strategy was the unification of creativity and strategy. Creativity with purpose.

Website Developer

A software developer specialising in the development of web applications such as websites using technologies like html, css and javascript.


I specialise in front-end development and believe in the core fundamentals of html, css, javascript. I use javascript frameworks such as angular and vue and libraries like react along with their node-based counterparts next, nuxt and universal.


i'm familiar with setting up, hosting and maintaining websites on aws, google cloud and cloudflare.


I've extensively used wordpress and its rest api, squarespace and headless cms'. i have experience in using ecommerce platforms like woocommerce and shopify.

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1. impart knowledge to or instruct (someone) as to how to do something.


I love to speak about the importance of fundamental knowledge and the bearing it has on expidited learning of code. In particular, front-end website development. I developed the course “Fundamental Front-End” whereby it teaches the fundamentals I beleive are neccessary if you want a career in front-end development.

Tumble Talk

My growth as a nomadic agency has taught me a lot. I want to share this learning and do so over on my Youtube channel Tumble Talk. Here’ I discuss my learings of growing a company and the challenges of doing it nomadically.